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We're starting off the new year with the first of our regular installments of "Conversations at Cloud Ranch". Meet president and founder Shane Hannan and learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the Cyber Security, Cloud migration and AI space.

Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.2

Our latest installment of Conversations at Cloud Ranch with founder and CEO Shane Hannan. We'll talk about our recent company kickoff in AZ and Shane offers insight into he phenomenal growth trajectory of the company. We'll also feature our executive team in future segments.

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Why cyberGUARD and the SMB Space

RJ Hines CXO, caught up with cyberGUARD Chief Strategist Jake Hannan to talk about How the new cyberGUARD assessment tool family has resonated in the SMB (small, medium sized business) space.

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Why cyberGUARD and the SMB Space

August 25, 2023


RJ Hines CXO, caught up with cyberGUARD Chief Strategist Jake Hannan to talk about How the new cyberGUARD assessment tool family has resonated in the SMB (small, medium sized business) space.

RJ:“I think we’ve all been very encouraged by the response and interest from clients and prospects regarding our family of cyberGUARD assessment tools, especially from the SMB space (particularly from $10-$100M in revenue).”

Why do you think it resonates so well with that market segment?” 

Jake: “From what we’ve seen, IT leaders in the SMB market are feeling underserved. Many of the big cybersecurity platforms out there are geared for larger enterprises and need a team of people to manage the platforms once they are implemented.

With cyberGUARD we’ve chosen platforms that are excellent in SMB sized organizations. Our clients can choose different paths depending on their technical capacity, whether they want some control, or if they want a hands-off solution that is operated and monitored by our team. 

The technology platforms we work with are leading the way in the cyberspace, but are also scaled up or down easily without losing any features or value.

RJ: What I find so appealing is we have jettisoned the idea that one size fits all, meaning you look at the business one way.

Regardless of business size, what does our team of experts and utilizing the cyberGUARD tools process focus on during the actual assessment period?”

Jake:“The big barrier with assessments in the SMB space is that many organizations are very early in their cybersecurity journey, typically only using an antivirus and maybe a password manager. Starting these clients with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment can be overkill and leave them with more questions than answers. In these cases, we do a lighter assessment, looking at their current technology stack, their operational processes and lay out the high-impact, low-effort plan moves they need to make, to get to a foundational level and secure their organisation as quickly as possible. We also make sure that the steps we have them take will assist them in qualifying for cybersecurity.

With larger enterprises that already have cybersecurity platforms and processes in place, the comprehensive assessments tend to add more value and we are looking deeper into their environment to find gaps that might have been previously missed.”

RJ: Finally, “With ever evolving threats, whether ransomware, malware and phishing as examples. What should our clients and prospects expect in the future with cyberGUARD? “

Jake : We are always evaluating our technology partners and adding new vendors to stay ahead of the curve. An example of this is a new Anti-Keylogging software that is a big differentiator in our stack and is seeing a great deal of success in the banking and financial industries.

We're also working closely with cybersecurity insurance providers to ensure that our assessment and technology stack will make it even easier for our clients to get insured and further protect their business and clients.