Could your organization survive a cyber attack?

The combination of the increased sophistication of Hackers as well as the utilization of AI leaves more businesses exposed than ever to ongoing cyber threats. Take the critical initial steps to protect your business which can give you peace of mind and let you focus on what really matters.

Does your organization have a strategy to protect your IP while making sure your employees are highly effective with today’s tools?

In 2022, 64% of companies worldwide experienced at least one form of cyber attack, with the average incident costing $4.35 million USD.

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The 3 Steps to Cyber Resilience

Step 1 - Audit

The end-to-end cyberGUARD audit is the recommended starting point no matter where you are in your cybersecurity journey.

Organizations work in a hybrid environment with components of People, Processes, and Technology. Most of the time these components are not aligned. Our audit is a combination of software that analyzes your network, searching for vulnerabilities and past/current security breaches. We also spend time with you and your team asking critical questions and learning about how your business operates on the web. We discuss your current strategies, concerns, policies and how you want your strategy to impact and protect your business for the future.

Step 2 - Plan

We've modeled and adapted our process on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Maturity Model, along with enhancements, that ensure that your business aligns with nationally recognized standards (this will not only protect your business but helps you to meet requirements for cybersecurity insurance coverage).

If you're in the beginning stages of a cybersecurity strategy, our plan and modeling will start from the ground up and paint the picture of your current digital posture with a roadmap to get your business secured quickly. This process involves preventing attacks, limiting their reach, and making sure you have recovery systems in place.

For organizations that are already implementing a cybersecurity process, Pro Cloud SaaS will evaluate and make recommendations on your current environment, along with finding areas where you can save money as well as enhance your current cybersecurity and cloud-native platforms.


Step 3 - Protect

cyberGUARD is a custom set of solutions, tailored to the needs of your organization. Pro Cloud SaaS works with the leading cybersecurity platforms, leveraging proven strategies that span across multiple attack vectors. These are pathways or methods used by a hacker to illegally access a network or computer in an attempt to exploit system vulnerabilities. There is no single product on the market today that provides Pro Cloud SaaS's comprehensive approach to cyber resilience.


MAIL-IC-02Email Security protects accounts and all communications from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Stop advanced attacks like business email compromises and account takeovers that get past Secure Email Gateways.


ICON3-03Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is an endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats like ransomware and malware.  A fully automated, policy-driven response, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics.


CyberGUARD-caract-04Hardware Backup lets you restore an entire system in minutes and get back to work. Create encrypted copies of files, applications, and settings, and store them in remote cloud servers. 


CyberGUARD-caract-05Email Backup software detects suspicious changes to your data, and backup files prior to syncing with your cloud storage. If your data gets corrupted you can suffer a major data loss and potential regulatory exposure.


CyberGUARD-caract-06Education for your users on cyber security and how to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing attack. Also, provides simulated attacks for additional training to expose weaknesses.


CyberGUARD-caract-07Keyboard Encryption technology blocks the capture of keystrokes by cybercriminals. Keyloggers are one of the most dangerous components of malware and are used to gain access credentials needed to advance a breach.


CyberGUARD-caract-08Password Management software stores sensitive information such as website credentials in an encrypted vault. The platform offers a variety of client applications including a web interface, desktop applications, browser extensions, mobile apps, and a command-line interface.


CyberGUARD-caract-09Professional Services will implement the 7-Point Cyber Protection Package ensuring seamless integration into your organization. We will guide you through the onboarding process, providing hands-on support to equip your staff with the necessary knowledge and resources.


Don't take chances in this new world of cyber threats and Al. As your trusted guide, we continuously update our suite of solutions to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring your business remains safeguarded. With our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we empower you to navigate this digital landscape with confidence and focus on what truly matters: your success.



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