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Pro Cloud SaaS is a highly scalable business model that operates in eight countries around the world and is growing. The business was started by a group of entrepreneurs and corporate executives with backgrounds ranging from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Pro Cloud SaaS structure includes partnerships with the world's leading  technology providers, strategic marketing, proven sales process, backend accounting, and professional services, including IT managed services. 


Pro Cloud SaaS has business operations in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Nigeria, with other countries coming online.


Pro Cloud SaaS is registered with the United States Securities Exchange Commission as a Reg C/F.


We are looking to continue our expansion and are seeking entrepreneurs with similar mindsets to join us for mutual success.



Future Growth Strategy

M&A provides a rapid way of adding a substantial number of new customers to Pro Cloud SaaS's strong portfolio. This also provides significant leverage in pricing
negotiations with our global technology providers, and follow-the-sun support for our customers.

Pro Cloud SaaS constantly seeks elite sales executives with extensive business networks to work as independent contractors. They get to build their own business, share in the ongoing revenue from their customers, and are backed by a proven operational support platform.

Acquisitions Targets


IT Managed Service Providers
Value Added Resellers
Strong Customer Base
Profitable Business Operations

Owners who are looking to exit their business or take their organization to new levels and become part of a global operation

Acquisition Process

Potential acquisition targets are identified and contacted to determine suitability and interest.

Portfolio data is obtained and analyzed against a broad set of industry metrics. Results are discussed with the owner to determine their interest in exiting and or joining Pro Cloud SaaS. 

Based on the analytical data, an offer is presented to the
owner and final terms are negotiated.

Final terms are memorialized in appropriate contracts, and funds are transferred after all documents have been executed.


About Pro Cloud SaaS -  


Pro Cloud SaaS is a global technology services provider specializing in cybersecurity, cloud migrations, identity management, cybersecurity, eliminating technical infrastructure and cloud-strategy consulting.


We are your trusted partner, providing solutions and expertise on the latest SaaS Platforms, allowing for seamless implementations and ongoing management and support.  Our motto is simple: we make our customers the heroes on their journey to the security and simplicity of the cloud. 


Pro Cloud SaaS partners with the most recognized SaaS and technology vendors and consumers on the planet. 


Our award-winning sales and technical teams are fully certified by our vendors and specialize in diverse consulting and deployments from small businesses to global Fortune 500 organizations.


Pro Cloud SaaS provides worldwide coverage with follow-the-sun support for your SaaS platforms so you can ensure that your technology is keeping your organization secure 24/7. Our locations allow us to provide our customers with local expertise while also utilizing our global reach to ensure you are getting industry-leading solutions at the most competitive pricing. 

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