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We're starting off the new year with the first of our regular installments of "Conversations at Cloud Ranch". Meet president and founder Shane Hannan and learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the Cyber Security, Cloud migration and AI space.

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Our latest installment of Conversations at Cloud Ranch with founder and CEO Shane Hannan. We'll talk about our recent company kickoff in AZ and Shane offers insight into he phenomenal growth trajectory of the company. We'll also feature our executive team in future segments.

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Jake Hannan and RJ Hines Discuss the new cyberGUARD assessment tool.

April 11, 2023


Tell us about the cyberGUARD assessment tools and why Pro Cloud SaaS saw a need?
The Pro Cloud SaaS cyberGUARD assessment tool is designed to help organizations take proactive steps toward securing their data and information from cyber threats. We saw a need throughout our client base due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks on businesses globally. We believe that by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity audit, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their existing security posture, identify potential vulnerabilities and gaps, and develop a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

IT leaders are constantly approached by different vendors to try new products which can be difficult to keep up with. Pro Cloud SaaS works with a range of leading technology platforms. We designed cyberGUARD to give organizations a tailored solution to their cybersecurity concerns.

cyberGUARD takes the best practices from organizations all over the world and leverages our partnerships with the latest technology available to provide our clients with an approach that continuously evolves to stay ahead of the cyber risk curve.

What makes the cyberGUARD assessment unique?
What makes the cyberGUARD assessment unique is that it leverages the latest technologies and strategies available in the market to assess and enhance an organization's cybersecurity posture. 

Being a global company we work with organizations ranging from SMBs to global companies and can share our knowledge from the field of the best practices we see across all industries.

Most IT decision-makers are being pulled into multiple projects across their organization. We work with them to fill the gaps and ensure that their technology is not only making their company more efficient but also protecting its data, people, as well as their and reputation.
Our tool takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity, assessing the critical components of an inclusive and proactive cybersecurity strategy, including people, processes, and technology. We have based our assessment on the ASD Essential 8 Security Framework, considered the baseline for an organization's cybersecurity defenses. As cybersecurity experts, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and strategies, and our assessment tool is continuously updated to keep up with the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Who are target companies to begin a potential assessment? 
We have designed our cyberGUARD offerings to be beneficial to companies of all sizes and industries. We created an SMB offering to organizations who are relatively early in their cybersecurity journey, to identify vulnerabilities and jump-start their cyber defensibility. 

For larger organizations that have many different applications and processes already in place, we have created cyberGUARD 360 as a tailored solution, giving them an in-depth analysis of where they sit against globally recognized security frameworks. We take a full audit of their people, processes and technology, then provide them with a detailed and actionable plan to get them where they need to be with continuous reviews.

What's the next step for firms that want more information?
For those interested in learning more about cyberGUARD, you can visit the Pro Cloud SaaS website  or contact us directly for more information. Our team will provide an initial free consultation to understand the specific needs of the organization and provide a customized roadmap of our process.