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Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.1

We're starting off the new year with the first of our regular installments of "Conversations at Cloud Ranch". Meet president and founder Shane Hannan and learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the Cyber Security, Cloud migration and AI space.

Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.2

Our latest installment of Conversations at Cloud Ranch with founder and CEO Shane Hannan. We'll talk about our recent company kickoff in AZ and Shane offers insight into he phenomenal growth trajectory of the company. We'll also feature our executive team in future segments.

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Hackers are getting smarter, and their attacks more sophisticated

September 2, 2021
Hackers are getting smarter, and their attacks more sophisticated

Hackers lurk in the shadows, covering their tracks, diving deep into your company's critical business processes, data and whatever "juicy" information they can use against you. Once sensitive, important and valuable data and information have been found, it's all too common for this data to be leaked to the general public. Systems could be shut down, and your employees locked out. 

The hacker's next step is to hold your firm hostage for a large and specific amount of money that you will be required to pay upfront for your systems to be unlocked.  In the meantime, you are shut out as if you are closed for business.  Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to your critical computer systems until a sum of money is paid. This amount is usually demanded in untraceable Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Paying this ransom doesn't always mean that your data is intact. There have been a number of large scale attacks over the past twelve months ( ie Kaseya VSA, ExaGrid, Acer, Colonial pipeline). These published attacks only scratch the surface. Most organisations that experience these attacks are likely to find dire associated consequences that could permanently damage their reputation.  Then there is the added cost for the company to enact PR damage control to keep this from going public and have further negative reputation impact. Though it is impossible to prevent such attacks from occurring, they can be identified and potentially stopped before the real damage occurs.

Pro Cloud Saas can help you identify such attacks, and potentially prevent them from happening. We have fully trained experts in such issues, with the knowledge base, experience and know-how to help your organisation to be secure and safe.

Don't think it can't happen to you and your company. Let Pro Cloud SaaS work with you to be prepared and prevent a potential attack.