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We're starting off the new year with the first of our regular installments of "Conversations at Cloud Ranch". Meet president and founder Shane Hannan and learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the Cyber Security, Cloud migration and AI space.

Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.2

Our latest installment of Conversations at Cloud Ranch with founder and CEO Shane Hannan. We'll talk about our recent company kickoff in AZ and Shane offers insight into he phenomenal growth trajectory of the company. We'll also feature our executive team in future segments.

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A ProCloudSaaS Road to Success Story

October 4, 2022
ProCloudSaaS offers a unique and attractive selling model that is disrupting the SaaS community. Our global reach in over 15 countries, with hundreds of potential true SaaS, cloud native solutions and a customer first culture has created one of the fastest growing technology providers in the business. Our entrepreneurial model gives our Sales Partners a modern global brand that backs them with marketing, lead generation, pre-sales technical support, operations and billing. Sales Partners use their experience, referral network and skill set to grow their own business and reap the advantages of an ongoing annual recurring revenue stream.
Below is another ProCloudSaaS Road to Success Story on Chris Bosque joining ProCloudSaaS. Chris shares his experience and insight on his “Road to Sales Success“
Background: Chris is a highly experienced and versatile sales leader with a demonstrated history of over performing revenue goals within the SaaS, cloud software marketplace. Skilled in sales, security compliance, channel strategy, sales presentations, business development, CRM applications, and channel account management. Chris is also a strong marketing professional with a BBA in Management from Georgia State University - J. Mack Robinson College of Business.
Q1: How did you find out about ProCloudSaaS?
A1: A former colleague reached out and gave me an overview of ProCloudSaaS and its unique approach. I then had the opportunity to speak to our founder and President, Shane Hannan. He described that the critical key to success is our mutual referral network and the ability to work with trusted people. What initially drew my interest was to be a part of and assist in establishing a new sales group. The potential income was attractive but being able to build something from the ground up was exciting and the ability to build my own business and through hard work, watch it grow. As I learned more, the product mix fit well with my past professional history with software firms as well as an accelerated ramp up to self-sufficiency.
Q2: What convinced you this was a risk worth taking knowing you would only earn commission and not a guaranteed salary?
A2: I have never not been able to sell and knew I had the skill set and confidence needed. The challenge is limiting yourself to only your comfort zone when it comes to understanding the products.
Q3: ProCloudSaaS has the ability to source products from virtually anywhere. How did you know where to focus?
A3: I Tried to digest our entire product set to start and it was a HUGE task. The first four to five months were overwhelming and I decided to narrow my focus to a select set of applications that I chose based on multiple market factors. In hindsight, I still would have taken the same path to learning as it allowed me to develop and refine prospect talk tracks and my previous knowledge of Cybersecurity before joining ProCloudSasS provided a head start.
Q4: What has been your approach to building your pipeline when you first started?
A4: I built the pipeline based on the applications I was familiar with and focused less but not ignored more “commoditized” products due to lower margins(i.e. Google, AWS). I wanted to build my pipeline around applications that I was at first most comfortable with. I didn’t have an extensive number of referral customers because I had primarily sold in the B to C environment. The majority of the time early into my onboarding was to learn the applications, completing certifications, and while doing that reviewing going through bids/RFP’s. This allowed me to understand market requirements and how the products fit into a company’s ecosystem as well as developing and expanding my current network.
Renewals have allowed for the “mailbox money”, recurring revenue stream and helped maintain a robust pipeline. Also, prospecting these accounts provided for that low-hanging fruit most resellers don’t go after because they aren’t don’t paid on a recurring revenue model. This represents a great area to help sustain your pipeline as you build new contacts or expansion business. Sales individuals at other resellers don’t get paid on residuals which allows for ProCloudSaaS to have a distinct advantage. I like to call it “The gift that keeps on giving.” Because ProCloudSaaS isn’t limited to a specific product set, our model allows for a true consultative approach and keeps us relevant when exploring what is on their technology radar for the future.
Completing an initial discovery (holistically where their future strategy may be) allows for expansion opportunities. The discovery gives insight into what products we have and if we need to align ourselves with a new technology partner. The ability of ProCloudSaaS to source literally thousands of different products for our customers is invaluable.
ProCloudSaaS has what I call True SaaS vs. forced SaaS. True SaaS is set up on a series of microservices and updated consistently and that allows for the customer to receive updates without any interference or disruption of their service as well as eliminating the IT staff to have to manage these solutions as they would with an on-prem product. With applications that have been Forced into a SaaS model, requires the customer to be involved in updates and changes to the existing software - not a true cloud-ready experience.
Q5: How do you describe your strengths?
A5: I constantly challenge myself from a knowledge, technology, and sales perspective. I have a curious nature and a desire for continual learning. This has been a key driver in my success throughout my career.
Q6: How have these strengths helped you at ProCloudSaaS?
A6: I fearlessly dive into new products that were new to me - continue the challenge of learning. I still review bid opportunities and am much more selective now. Some products are a great fit for bids and others not. When there is a break in my calendar I will go to bid sites or look for points of contact to build additional pipeline. And you “gotta be a shark”, professional, transparent and persistent.
Q7: What has been your overall experience at ProCloudSaaS?
A7: It’s truly been a great team to work with and the collaboration is really valuable. I’m not on my own, I have the backing of the entire ProCloudSaaS organization. There are positives and certainly challenges being an entrepreneur. It was a difficult decision to join ProCloudSaaS initially as I’ve always worked for other companies that provided a paycheck. At ProCloudSaaS, you have the ability to work when and how you want and you aren’t limited to regional or country borders from a sales perspective. This is a whole new world of selling that I’m enjoying immensely.
“Expansion “ business can historically and in this case ,create exponentially more total gross profit which then means more initial and ongoing ARR commissions.
2021 represents total revenue(blue) gross margin(orange) in an example of one net new account.
2022 shows that same account , with 100% expansion business and with increased gross margin.
This graph represents Chris’s total business in 2021 vs. YTD 2022.. Again, this illustrates the power of repeat business.