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Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.1

We're starting off the new year with the first of our regular installments of "Conversations at Cloud Ranch". Meet president and founder Shane Hannan and learn more about one of the fastest growing companies in the Cyber Security, Cloud migration and AI space.

Conversations at Cloud Ranch v.2

Our latest installment of Conversations at Cloud Ranch with founder and CEO Shane Hannan. We'll talk about our recent company kickoff in AZ and Shane offers insight into he phenomenal growth trajectory of the company. We'll also feature our executive team in future segments.

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ProCloudSaaS - 2 years in business and more than $2,500,000

October 4, 2022
Our companies’ rocketship ride like growth continues as we celebrate 2 years in business with more than $2,500,000 in annual recurring Revenue (ARR). ProCloudSaaS currently serves over 60 customers with their cloud migration needs. We protect them against cyber threats, educating them on the latest business intelligence tools and providing both global deployment and support services.
ProCloudSaaS’ unique entrepreneurial business model continues to attract serially successful sales professionals giving them the opportunity to start their own recurring revenue business. This new business is backed by a global brand that provides marketing support, lead generation, connections to thousands of the very best SaaS platforms along with professional services and customer support their customers deserve.
CEO and Founder Shane Hannan committed about the last year
"I've been amazed but not surprised by ProCloudSaaS’ hyper growth. We've been able to assemble a highly experienced executive team, serially successful sales professionals as partners and increase our product portfolio along with our world-wide coverage. All this continues to provide our customers the very best technologies to help drive their business and increase their revenues with optimal technology support. Customers across all verticals and sizes love our business model where their key contact with ProCloudSaaS is invested in their success. We align with their vision and goals versus a transactional software reseller. Our goal is to make every customer a hero on their journey to the safety and security of the cloud. Our team is extremely excited to see our continued growth."
Some highlights over the last year

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Pro Cloud SaaS CRO Chris Bosque commented:

“As we realize the best back to back months in our companies’ history, we are confident we’ll see more triple digit growth YOY at the end of 2022,” 

Hear from our founder and CEO: